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North Nashville’s Trinity Lane is in a construction boom!

We’ve had the privilege to play a small part of many upcoming projects on Trinity Lane in North Nashville. Over the next 12-16 months you’ll start to see many of these come out of the ground. These 26 townhome units by E3 were just recently finished on Goodrich Avenue with future plans to complete a […]

Boombozz in East Nashville is open again!

Boombozz is now open again and they had a little redesign of their bar layout. We also incorporated a new outdoor bar while the main dining room has direct access to the playground outside. Come by and grab a beer and pie! There’s plenty of heat on the patios!

Modern multi-family on Ireland Steet nears completion just northwest of downtown Nashville

These two modern 3-story duplex homes are nearing completion soon, we checked in today on their progress. The modern exterior forms are guided by strict zoning height control planes and step backs. All units self park with 2-car garages. Interior living areas are light filled and are laser focused on integrating exterior living spaces while […]

Czann’s announces January opening!

Czann’s Brewing Co. is slated to be open in the Nations by January’s end…

Von Elrod’s Sausage and Beer Hall

Von Elrod’s was published on Archello. “A dilapidated former Trailblazer bus repair station gets a new social life as a German inspired beer and sausage hall aiming to foster community celebration and fellowship.”. . . . (and if you haven’t visited them, they have lots of room for social distancing!)

Germantown Row

Germantown Row, located in the heart of a historic walkable neighborhood in Nashville, is a small 5-unit townhome project that utilizes scale, rhythm and proportion to blend into it’s surroundings. Read more about this project here Read more here on

How an architect is using shipping containers to rebuild Puerto Rico

Great story on architect Carla Gautier and KONTi building affordable housing in Puerto Rico with shipping containers. Story from CNN here: Video here:

Multi-family construction is still booming.Q

It’s late August and we have not seen a slow down in the multi-family sector here in Nashville. Our clients, developers and builders are all still full steam ahead. Here are some updates on two of our 4-unit builds under construction. Both of these projects were impacted by the RM-20 zoning height restrictions where at […]

New Multifamily development in historic neighborhoods looks like…

This 12 unit development is the heart of a historic neighborhood in Nashville. It is arranged with 3 2-family residences facing the primary street while immediately behind, across a shared drive aisle, 6 smaller 1-car garage townhome units are nestled into the back of the property. All homes have sidewalks connecting their front doors to […]

Now Registered in Arizona!

We are excited to announce that we are now registered in the state of Arizona! We’ve discovered that most municipalities there require a registered Architect when building multi-family projects including townhome developments. With this new registration, we are now licensed in 7 states including Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Massachusetts and Alabama(inactive). #arizonaArchitect #rootarch