Catalyst Nashville

Project Location: Nashville, TN  
Project Type: New Construction  
Completion Date: February 2017  

13 single family row home units with internalized parking on an existing vacant 1/2 acre corner lot in an emerging West Nashville residential neighborhood.

Poised to be the “catalyst” for positive density development in this rapidly emerging neighborhood, these townhomes are positioned on a vacant corner lot in West Nashville to offer occupants a modern product that reconnects and fills a void within the urban fabric while just a short commute to downtown businesses and only minutes from popular dining, retail, healthcare, and recreational offerings in the immediate area. Internally parked and outwardly facing, this project maintains public connections while carefully maneuvering the private domains of the end user.

Repetition is a common embraced theme and is utilized as a careful composition in construction economy. The objective was to make the simplest of moves with the largest impact by layering building materials and architectural forms to make bold statements of presence and place, to construct individual characteristics while still preserving a collective identity. Tall, self-confident, vertical “O” box forms, hollowed and shifted up at the rooftops, merge roof amenities with the homes while defining a presence of privacy. Each 20’ x 40’ surface encourages rooftop entertaining, relaxation, exercise and urban gardening opportunities.

The layering of wood cladding on top of the siding, sometimes turning corners, combine each unit with their neighbor similar to links in a chain. Large windows command reflection and transparent while providing personal connections with the street, the sidewalk, and the surrounding neighborhood. As the day passes, shadows carefully dance around the project revealing detail and composition, sometimes adding different textures to contrasting elements at different times of day.